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Coming to the Dead Sea for treatment, you should be aware that from January 7, 2014, the Israeli government launched a program according to which the coast of the Dead Sea will be restored. The tribulus program has already covered all the beaches in the Ein Bokek area and the list of beaches will increase. This is due to the fact that it became necessary to preserve the Dead Sea. Beaches will open only after the completion of repair work. And therefore, going to Israel only for the Dead Sea, it is worth considering this information, which should first be clarified on the official websites.

choose clinic Israel

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Coming to Israel for treatment, everyone hopes for a miracle. However, as in any field, medicine also involves certain risks. How to avoid them? No one will say the answer to this question with an accuracy of 100%. There have always been fraudsters, and no matter kan generisk viagra locka en nskad brottsling how you deal with them, they will remain. Here are some tips that will allow you to significantly reduce the risk of running into such “businessmen.”

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First of all, when choosing a clinic or an intermediary, or an intermediary consultant, do not be shy and you need to ask various clarifying and even provocative questions. This should be done politely, but clearly.

choose clinic Israel

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For example, you can specify how many years this company is engaged in the reception and placement of tourists coming for treatment to Israel. Are there any certificates from the clinics with which she collaborates?

choose clinic Israel

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Be sure to check all reviews using various independent sites buy nadvaha. Do not trust the reviews that were written on their official website, as most often they were all written by employees with the aim of attracting customers.

It’s worth choosing only those companies that themselves provide the opportunity to pay for the course of treatment already upon admission to the hospital, directly to the health insurance fund. In this way, you avoid the risk that the money simply “hangs” somewhere with the intermediary.

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The contract that you will have to sign should only be in Russian. A detailed invoice must be attached to it, in which the services and their cost will medical mandy rose hovor o jejch poctcch ve wwe be indicated.

Pay attention to the terms of payment. Never work with those companies that require an advance payment. Moreover, at the same time, nothing is guaranteed to you. In the case when you still need to pay, do it only by direct transfer to the company account.